Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I am the hollow empty husk
That's been licked dry
by the consequence of being me,
of trying to hard.

Discarded like a used up tissue
That dried all the pathetic tears of your inconsequence.

I once was all you needed
Like oxygen you sucked from me
Now I float, weightless carbon dioxide,
useless to you.

Go and float, flicker
demented absinthe fairy.
Eat the hearts of stars
On the other side of the morning.

I'll be here
Ashen salt-spit half woman
That nobody cared to make whole.

Vomit gutter baby
Still sticky with the fleshy strings of your mucussed insides.
I don't cry
Or wait
but suffocate
in my forgotten dumpster.

Foggy nothingness
I ignore your letters
but keep them
to prove
(to who do I prove?)
That I was love once.

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