Wednesday, July 14, 2010

You Make The Sun Rise

Tiny vessels
With Untied ribbions
Float down streams
Where our paranoid illusions
get the best of us

We write letters to the Unkknown
And drop them in bottles
Into a sea of doubt
Hoping to make the sun rise
Over our craft that sails
Into the endless night

We stire the monsters in our gut
To remind our selves
That pain dosen't sleep
And neither do dreams
And just some new philosify
Won't bridge the gap or cure our infection
Iffinate possiiblites hush down
Into whispers in our wake.

We are void and waiting
To an end of existance.
All ends here with a kiss and an embrace
And I wish I was braver for you now
But there is no time for second chances
Or forgivness to grant them
The pull becomes our friend
Tunging us down beneath it's tireless weight
And we become free
A prissium forever broken
Into stardust and light.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I Am (II)

What a joke,
I said in a room full of strangers
But no one laughed
The clock beat out it's forever dance
all looked on seriously
Waiting for something more.

And like the resolution of the universe
Or premonitions of Armageddon
Whatever they waited for,
(So silently and patiently)
It never came.

And the trolley carts pushing along the street outside
With their breaks whining off into the night
And the sparks from their rusted wheels turning into stardust
Reminded me that like love or peace or god himself
It would never come.

Octane Twist

Octane twist
All I can do to keep myself together
Get better
And buy a new car
To with that second hand life
You've got

I don't want to try to make sense
Can someone tell me who you are?
Buy me something new
Someone I can use
I don't want to feel myself

I'm a bore
And rightfully so
Give me a kiss
Of your octane twist
And I'll buy you something new
I'll be someone you can love.