Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We Are

We are the bitter seeds of promise
Choked, bled dry, and burned
Before their awakening

We are childhood dreams
Stabbed by the needle points of stars
We thought we could touch

We are romance
Ripped to shreds
Old rockers waiting for a widowed life

We are merely words
Spoken like enchantments
As if they had any power
"Come back to me."
Whispered slowly from ashen lips
At the midnight hour

We are the losing
And finding ones self
Just to lose again
And realizations about life,
Cold and inconsequential

That there is no you or me
But fantasy
And no winners
If this is indeed a game.

We are empty
Or at least I am.
You took from me,
Harvested for parts
Like some cheap back ally auto shop
Then moved on to share your delights with her.
I don't want you to come back
Just remember me
With more meaning
Then "some girl I knew."

We are nothing
There is no we
Or me
Only you.
It will ever only be you.

Give me back my life
The one I had before you existed
For you are all I see
The sun in my sky
(but he is more kind)
So let me return
Or stare into you until I'm blind.

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