Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dear You,

I think we should see other people.

See in me what you want me to be
And maybe I will become.
And I'll look past the frog and the prince
And hope to see a real boy, . . .

. . . Someday.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Back to You

I remember when I was all you needed.
I remember when we was all we had.
All the smiles, all the laughter,
Every promise . . .
I remember every word.

And it funny how things change,
It's funny how I don't know who you are anymore.
And all the cycles of the same
Keep coming back to me.

There's someone walking at the foot of the stairs
And there's something on the roof.
I am kept awake at night
And it all comes back to you

No matter what I tell myself
It all comes back to you.


My cold hands trace the shape of who I was before there was us.
I can't remember what I looked like
But I know I was dropped along the way,
Like a kids toy someone left on the seat of a bus
Nobody placed me in the lost and found box
And nobody called the number written on the bottom of my shoe
Because nobody cared
least of all you.

My frail hands placed you on a pedestal
Because I lost God and needed someone to worship
And couldn't bear being anyone
That wasn't crafted by someone


Isn't any longer
What it used to mean.

I'm worth failing

I'm worth failing
I'm really nothing at all
Spit it out because I taste bitter but the taste all the same still longing
Still familiar

Stay up
Stay awake
To hear me calling
At the break still black
And waiting

Retrace every line that was heard
And laugh at the sound of being rehearsed
Choke and smile and speak your heart out
Cough and look away at your queue

Am I still suffocating?