Wednesday, June 23, 2010

These days with you

We are young
It is morning
We are telling each other
That we love the other
But we know that eternity has a span
And soon the clock face will freeze
Into dead pale remembrances
Of our youthful yesterdays.

We are older
And it is noon
The sepia photographs
That I hold so dear
Curl around my fingertips with age.
You roam somewhere in this world
But return to visit from time to time
We can't forget
These years
We can't forget
Each others face
Which in the mind is still unfading

And when we're old
And it is night
Will you still think of me?
Will you still wrap my letters
In tattered ribbons of blue
Close to the heart.
Will you shed a tear at my my grave
For the long past yesterdays.
Will you remember and smile
And say my name once more.

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