Wednesday, June 23, 2010


We were everything to each other,

Remember to save sentiment for books and poems and music
And not for you

Because you don't care,
Not that I do.

Drag through the mud and stick with painful barbs
Every promise that we made
Cause one of us was lying

And it all wasn't true.

Let me 'get over' you
And stop waisting love
As if it was precious blood
Dripping out of an infected wound.

You are the ground which soaks it up
Without apology
And I don't understand.

These words which fumble over each other
Wont take away anything.

You are you
(whoever that is)
And I am me
(with melodrama to match my patheticness)

And I cannot hate you
Or love you
Or move anywhere in between

Die and give me over
Or say it was nothing more then a dream
But for once in your life
Answer me.

With truth
Answer me.

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