Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We Are

We are the bitter seeds of promise
Choked, bled dry, and burned
Before their awakening

We are childhood dreams
Stabbed by the needle points of stars
We thought we could touch

We are romance
Ripped to shreds
Old rockers waiting for a widowed life

We are merely words
Spoken like enchantments
As if they had any power
"Come back to me."
Whispered slowly from ashen lips
At the midnight hour

We are the losing
And finding ones self
Just to lose again
And realizations about life,
Cold and inconsequential

That there is no you or me
But fantasy
And no winners
If this is indeed a game.

We are empty
Or at least I am.
You took from me,
Harvested for parts
Like some cheap back ally auto shop
Then moved on to share your delights with her.
I don't want you to come back
Just remember me
With more meaning
Then "some girl I knew."

We are nothing
There is no we
Or me
Only you.
It will ever only be you.

Give me back my life
The one I had before you existed
For you are all I see
The sun in my sky
(but he is more kind)
So let me return
Or stare into you until I'm blind.


We were everything to each other,

Remember to save sentiment for books and poems and music
And not for you

Because you don't care,
Not that I do.

Drag through the mud and stick with painful barbs
Every promise that we made
Cause one of us was lying

And it all wasn't true.

Let me 'get over' you
And stop waisting love
As if it was precious blood
Dripping out of an infected wound.

You are the ground which soaks it up
Without apology
And I don't understand.

These words which fumble over each other
Wont take away anything.

You are you
(whoever that is)
And I am me
(with melodrama to match my patheticness)

And I cannot hate you
Or love you
Or move anywhere in between

Die and give me over
Or say it was nothing more then a dream
But for once in your life
Answer me.

With truth
Answer me.

These days with you

We are young
It is morning
We are telling each other
That we love the other
But we know that eternity has a span
And soon the clock face will freeze
Into dead pale remembrances
Of our youthful yesterdays.

We are older
And it is noon
The sepia photographs
That I hold so dear
Curl around my fingertips with age.
You roam somewhere in this world
But return to visit from time to time
We can't forget
These years
We can't forget
Each others face
Which in the mind is still unfading

And when we're old
And it is night
Will you still think of me?
Will you still wrap my letters
In tattered ribbons of blue
Close to the heart.
Will you shed a tear at my my grave
For the long past yesterdays.
Will you remember and smile
And say my name once more.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I am the hollow empty husk
That's been licked dry
by the consequence of being me,
of trying to hard.

Discarded like a used up tissue
That dried all the pathetic tears of your inconsequence.

I once was all you needed
Like oxygen you sucked from me
Now I float, weightless carbon dioxide,
useless to you.

Go and float, flicker
demented absinthe fairy.
Eat the hearts of stars
On the other side of the morning.

I'll be here
Ashen salt-spit half woman
That nobody cared to make whole.

Vomit gutter baby
Still sticky with the fleshy strings of your mucussed insides.
I don't cry
Or wait
but suffocate
in my forgotten dumpster.

Foggy nothingness
I ignore your letters
but keep them
to prove
(to who do I prove?)
That I was love once.