Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What I did today

I'm pretty tired today. It was rainy so I was a bit blue. I just finished a play, The Wizard of Oz. I was an extra ( or ensemble as they call it in theater) basically singing and dancing. For about two weeks I was with the cast every day for an average of four hours. I was with the strangest most interesting people you'd ever meet. I miss them.

Today we we're planning to go to the beach. Due to inclement weather my mom decided take us to a lake we'd never been to before in a state park instead ( don't ask me how she worked that out). We decided to take a short walk on one of the numerous trails before settling down to eat and swim. During the walk my eighteen year old brother ran ahead ( not unusual for him) the problem was he didn't know which of the trails we had taken. He was lost for two and a half hours. We had the park rangers out looking for him and just when they called the next county for help they found him. Apparently he had taken the longest trail in the park thinking it was a short cut. While every one was out searching for my older brother I, my brothers and sister, and two friends where huddled under a holey tarp while our food and everything else got drenched because it was raining. Hard. We were under some tree's but that didn't seem to help much. We still got soaked.

After we found my brother ( and after my family had to hold me back from beating him with a bungee cord for getting lost) we went to a movie. We were still a little damp but we manged.

That's pretty much what I did today. Yep. Oh, and I ate. Not obscene amounts of food but allot.

Your random ( and boring) blog for the day,
I'm out.

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