Sunday, June 28, 2009

I've decided to take a new turn with this much neglected blog. Instead of this being some myspace/facebook substitute ( both of which I have) I will use it to share the personal things I might not want just everybody that I know to see.
It will become very personal in nature. I will choose to share my thoughts on religion, loss, love, family, and Illness.

Our church went through a split a few years ago. The reasons are still sorted and confused but the why is still there.It can be speculated and assumed but it hangs there, unanswered, as in most such cases.
Unfortunately at the time I was so involved in the christian lifestyle that it actually mattered to me. I came to a stand still, confused over the matters of faith but acknowledging God I decided not the practice what many would call active Christianity.

Being raised a pastors daughter I know much of the Bible. But what I am willing to admit is I don't know God. When I was still active in the church most of my time was spend trying to fulfill the need to know God. Some are laments, some are prayers, others are musings or rages at my fruitless search.

I'm just a lost soul at the edge of a very interesting precipice. Don't judge me to hard, I'm still trying to figure things out.

oh, and I often think in poetical terms so if a lot of this veers towards poetry that's why.

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