Wednesday, July 18, 2007

some of my poetry.

Blood and Lilies

How innocent the embryo in the womb
not having to think
blooming fresh and young
blood like rubies.
They will kill you
fill you with hate and lies
make you a fake love
burn up your insides.
Brain wash you
make you think your alone
empty out your emotions
til your a lifeless drone.
A lifeless drone
a lifeless drone
a lifeless drone of the world.
So stay in your walled up sanctuary
drink deep of your mothers milk
don't enter into this world of hate
but stay, stay far away
where you may live yet.

About this piece: I already got this one published on Some what dark. Pretty Self Explanatory.


Little rivers of red flow on a silken white background.
So white,so pure, so smooth.
Moon like streambed for an a apocalypse moon.
Cascading. Dripping.
Transforming me into an India princess
with swirling designs of scarlet on my feet and hands.
A priestess in flowing robes offering crimson blossoms to the heathen statue.
Quavering on the lips . . . trembling,
then dropping to the ground
forming little pools, little lakes.
Ebbing slow from the little cat mouth,
giving so freely a mothers milk.
A thrill. A beautiful one, a vivid one . . . .
a cheap thrill,
cold to the bone.
There's no convincing otherwise.
Momentary as any drug.
The pureness of the shower washes away the evidence
of my tryst, my shame.
I cut. I bleed. I hurt.

About this piece: I DO NOT endorse cutting. I am not a cutter. Any one who cuts him/her self is in dire need of professional help. That said, I have a vision of a girl sitting naked on her bathroom floor. Streams of dark red blood where flowing from her wrists and intermingling with her long black hair. The red on the white of her skin, the black overlaying. It interested me. The picture was so strong in my mind I felt I had to write something on it.

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