Wednesday, July 18, 2007

More poetry.

Your Last Breath

I will not spoil thy silence with words,
for words are empty, my love.
I will not breathe my scattered poisonous breath on thy face nor touch thee with withered hand.
For your purity I will not desecrate.
I will not steal the right that is yours.
The stilled silence when all the world ne'er moved as you breathed your last breath.
I will not shatter that silence for anything in the world.
Beloved, I will not cry in gasping sobs nor wail in anguish like a child.
I will not look upon your face and voice that I miss you already.
I will not be still and lifeless and make my pain a show.
If so, beloved, I will not think at all.
I will not let thought fill the space of you.
Instead, I will sit here, not moving.
So your last gasping breath will be alive in this room and echo among the walls.
Be at peace, my love.
Your time has past.
You are with Him now.

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