Tuesday, September 13, 2011

let me be your first love

I just wanted to be that girl,
you know, the one you saw waving in the wind in that perfect sundress.
The one who caught your eyes and heart by surprise.

And years later to your friends, or on some field or war, or maybe just in the private moments of yourself
you'll retell the tale.
Of how you were young ( or old) how you were just a boy
And I was to old for you but you couldn't realize it at the time
Or how I went away one summer and came back a woman.

Tell of how my kiss on the cheek was meaningless and we were only children
tell how you secretly treasured it until we kissed again one purfume drenched starry night under the same juniper bush.
Tell how love surprised you and knocked you off your feet. Tell how you had always known I was the one and held out for me and waited.

Tell how I've changed you
For the better or for the good
How we married like highscool sweethearts
or how you never saw my face again and that always bothered you.
Tell me of your first felt love with all it's emotions and jittery wires jumping off so seemingly unexpected and new.
Of all the losses of innocence and the understanding of how you were different and better and worse now.
All at the same time.
How losing was sad and a right of passage that we all must take some time
down back dirt roads in some dying ally of summer that we only remembered the way to when we were young.

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