Sunday, January 11, 2015

Final Chapter

Kiss me again, let it be final.
Finish what you've done.
Just for me, just once ,
Let's finish the story.

Ships in the night must be about us
Because we drift in and out of each other's lives
And there's never a certain beginning
Never a defined end.

We're just a handful of half finished sentences.
Void of the commitment of tenses.

You said that maybe in the future....
But I know what that means.
I understand how life gets in the way
But I also know if you desire something
You don't give up on it.
I thank you,
But I don't need kindness, I need closure.

The next time we kiss will be the last.
You don't know it yet,
Not in those terms.
But like old Velcro we are just now beginning to unstick.

And I will always remember how special I felt
On a night drive with you
Music and darkness and the clearest sky with the brightest stars
And all the possibilities sitting in the seat next to you
Young and infinite and aging.
But I know I was never special to you.
I just thought that if I wished hard enough
I would be.
Just the endless madding hope that one day
One of us would wake up different.

And So I'm finally giving up on you.

I will run until it doesn't hurt anymore
So far it hasn't happened yet.

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