Thursday, March 24, 2011

mocking bird

There was a disturbing message
That you left in the bathroom
Water droplets fell shimmering onto the floor
and lay there waiting for me.

Smiles of shy delicate apprehension
Cold kisses that mean less then what I want
I don't know you, I don't know you,
but kiss me anyway.

Touch my cold ghost pale skin,
Lie that you like me.
And make me forget what I am;
Make me remember who I was.

When I was a nightbird
Caught in your net
My songs were all for you.
My sighs and lies
And the art of all my sequined feathers
off my body with the sun rise.

Silent too-quiet,
You left and I know not when.
Leaving me to weep
And sing songs I wrote for you.
Tethered to your absent fingers,
Mocking bird that you outgrew.

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