Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Isn't any longer
What it used to mean.

And I'm tired of the bitter tastes of the same.

My cold tongue doesn't recite your name anymore
And I don't remember your face like I used to
But I still have dreams that I'm looking for you
And sometimes I catch up to you
but you don't remember me
And I don't remember how that makes me feel.

I think I'm ready to forget
but my heart won't let me
And I can't decipher if this is you
Or the gods and demons in my head I have crafted you to be.
You never asked to be them
And I never wanted to be religiousless
Naked and blamed
screaming under an open sky
To give me a new name

I want to be found
I want someone to care about this fucked up mess
but I can't pretend any longer
to be someone else.

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