Sunday, November 14, 2010

Planets Will Dance

The stars walk softly tonight
holding their dim blue lanterns against the velvet expanse of mute space.
They chant softly in their ruined tongue of the winding universal dance
Their souls in trace
fall off the brink of this place.
Even God in his providence must sit back and stare
as they spin through the air
His heart must sink
as they fall off the brink
Knowing he must leave them there.
And even I so slow
Must weep as I go
to see the fading of such glorious light
and I know I have seen
as if in a dream
eternity fade this night.
A hearts sad turn
to see them burn
Complete into blackness devoured
for who yet would tell
of splendors that fell
upon this midnight hour?
But my trailing grief
At beauty so brief
Finding words within my ear
So soft the phase
My eyes to darkness raised
To see a light of hope appear.

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