Sunday, November 28, 2010


While you were sleeping
I was dreaming
Dreaming of ways to get out
to escape from the hunger that only emptiness

I was running down the street
In my mind
Barefoot and happy
Happy to be free even though I didn't know where to go


You slept and I dreamed
weaving my web of beautiful lies
That made it easier to be here another day

That made the suffocation just a little bit sweeter
because I dreamt in heist
I dreamt I stole myself back
Pried your sleeping fingers off
And once I had them I never looked back

Especially all the beautiful things
That I lost because I gave them to you
And you misplaced them or didn't care to begin with


I will not apologies or feel remorse
I dream of better days
And dwell where the sun was warmer
The air was purer
And people were too
People that loved me

I didn't know until now
But the past is in the past
I look forward to new starts

So I kiss the beauty that is really a beast
And bid you sleep on for another 100 years
While I escape into the freedom
Of a thousand fluttering thoughts
Awakening and opening to me.

1 comment:

Layla Jaglovs said...

Your poems are so great <3 I could read them over and over again. ;)