Thursday, August 27, 2009

The 9th Nirvana (just for fun)

You twitch,
My little body.
Oh how you scratch
And claw.
Itching burning to
Be under the surface of things.
Your mouth is a golden moon
Frozen in an O
A shriek, A shriek that nobody hears.
Gaping, gaping
Waterless goldfish
Gobbling stars
Til your belly is full of them
Til your throat is stuffed up
To the brim.
Do you vomit up chaotic galaxy's,
The belly splits and the universe comes tumbling out?
Do you crawl in a corner
And hide from the light that made you sick?
No, you twitch and twitch
Silent shrieks
Rising up to claw the heaven
With your mute keening.
You could be a god.
A balloon rising, rising,
Filling with gasses
Up and up into the darkness you love so well.
Stabbed with needle points of stars
Letting that other,
That other thing through.
You could be hours
Or minutes
You could be defying gravity and seeing God.
But you don't.

You trip switch

You substancless cloud.

You cry for you are

You are unable to dance this dance
Or see this here

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theusisstupid said...

Write your own song of life girl!