Thursday, October 27, 2011

mistress mary

Or am I just like Mary,
Moving round and round your wall?
Oh mistress bless me
With your key.
Let me into your secret garden.

You're so safe behind your wall.
You gaurd your self so well.
Your wild roses prick my fingers
biting into me .
You are not forbidden fruit
And this is not a maze;
Im sick of playing games
In your eden .

You hold your honeyed flowers
So high above my head,
Your sweetest words have poison tougues
hiding in your mouth.
When winter winds have withered
all the other flowerbeds dry
Will I find havens in your twisted paths
or sanctuary in your eyes

(Forgive me. Let's marry, Have babies, …)
Or am I still like Mary,
Moving round and round your wall...

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