Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Here, under the single florescent light,
I become something other then myself.
The constant pull and flow of a coke heads energy
Has finally subsided to where dreams undulate
Like underwater kingdoms before my eyes.
And water log my brain
So that each step becomes gravityless.

I am not filled with delusions of my own self impotence
Or the wailing cry of drug addiction.
But under the twin bulbs that flicker,
Undecided if they will share their green tinted,
Unforgiving glow with me,
I am passive.

Fascinated with a simpletons tunneled concentration
At the crack in this table
That has sprung up between the grains.
Swelling larger, shifting uneasily, magnifying it's self,
Til it is an abyss I fall into;
A crack in the universe sucking me in.
A darkness that hides such horrible knowing things
That wish to eat me in great sucking, sicking, crunching,
smacks from there unmouths.
I scream, terrified that I will tumble in,
And the universe behind me like a thread pulled through the eye of a needle.

My eyes spring open.
I am at my desk again.
My fingers upon a split in the table
That glows and darkens under the lull
Of florescent lights...

I am alone and something other then myself.