Sunday, October 10, 2010

Does This Make Sense

I tried and I tripped
And I stumbled
To reach what I thought was you
Way out here.

And I was breathless and hurting and longing
and my shoes were dirty and my pants were ripped
way out here.

And I saw a man bury his daughter
in the garden
out here

And a man eat his hand
because he can
and liked the ring of cannibal
way out here.

But there was no you
and there was no silver longing or imagination
there was no
there was no

I started a fight because I felt reckless
And needed to scream
and I was bloody and he was bruised
and I still felt restless between
these pages that keep flipping
and turning
and twisting
and walking out on me.

And I just needed to breath

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