Sunday, November 15, 2009


What's it like to die?

To feeling your life ebbing out of you slow
Tiny little stars dancing before your eyes
Then no light at all.

Is it quiet and dignified?
A hush as the heart is taken aside
And put down.
Is it loud and raging?
Death prying your fingertips
Off of consciousness.

Then the miracle.

The voice that calls you back
Willing or unwillingly.
The One who says
"It's not time yet."

Out of cold darkness
Blinding light and heat.
You are reborn
Naked and unassuming

The nurses shout
And you cry out
Your first triumphant call
Of new life
Golden baby with the world
In your mouth

You arise burning and victorious
Living to tell of dying.

So tell me, Oh great Lazarus,
What's it like to live?

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