Sunday, October 11, 2009


I wish I could drink in the sun
(the original one)
Drown in that air.
Instead of being weighed down
By clouds I could never touch,
I could never hold.
I dream of their feathery softness
Their radiant transparencies.
I shed the globules of fat
Off this human carcass
So I may rise.
Rise and tangle my hands,
My arms, my face,
In that space of unbelief
That is past hope into something greater
But simple and without fear or longing.
I would bring the whisps
Of pale incandescence to my lips
Breathing in,
Kissing inward and out.
Sliding it through my fingertips
The way I would strands of silky hair.
Holding it
Like memories.
The faint smell of powder
And cool touch of pearls on my cheek
Of a mother that would of held me.
The aroma of apple pie,
And being nestled in the crook of her arm
While she read story's of palaces in the sky.
A father that would of wanted me.

Please don't keep me away.
Don't let me stay
Down here
Where I cannot touch you.
I love you.
Don't turn dark for me.

Don't let
Dreams be
All I can have.

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