Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Drill inside me.
Don't you understand?
I want you to use me.

I want to feel the pricks
And burns of to much use.
I want you to feel nothing for me
As I do you.

Remain unattached
And floating
Like reflections in mirorless deeps.

Don't romance me.
Don't care
Or call me for days.
I like the numb
That comes
From to much heartbreak.

I like arsenic
And all things bitter.
Staving myself
From all beauty
And 'the loves of me'
It'll only do if it's no good
And worse.

Be fatal
And I'll kiss you
Be sweet if only distantly.
I know what you want
And only I,
I can give it to you.
As close to necrophilia
As a breath.

I'm cold but alive
If that
If barely.
Don't deny
You could push into
My stiff limbs
For hours.

I like it
Or as close to like as
I could come.
You adore
The gray perfect
Of me
Of my nothingness.

No remorse
No attachment
I put to much of me into
these pages
How dull
They seem.
How monotone.

I will learn to lie better
I promise
I will I'm sure
But somehow the words don't mean


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